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This time there’s no printing bill

June 26, 2008

Years ago, I published a small magazine called Mountain Athlete that focused on mountain sports. The magazine grew and we soon had a few loyal advertisers, a far-flung staff of sorts and a distribution system that consisted of the Wetmore (Colo.) Post Office and my own truck. It was great fun, except for the printing bill. Someone was making money off the rag, and it wasn’t me. I imagine that’s why I finally quit publishing the thing.

Afterwards, I commonly heard comments from people saying they missed the magazine. The truth was I missed it too. Recently I’ve been faced with the question of what I want to be when I grow up — I’m 48 — and how to have fun doing it. Why not publish something using my own writing skills?

Since the Mountain Athlete days my interests have evolved and grown into an ecclectic mixture of ideas that basically revolve around trying to live a full and healthy life here in Colorado. I like to explore people, animals, lifestyles, food and nutrition, friendships, books, music and the backcountry. I bring up issues. I write essays and I take photos. I tell stories.

E.B. White wrote: “The essayist is a self-liberated man, sustained by the childish belief that everything he thinks about, everything that happens to him, is of general interest.”

I’m starting this blog with hopes that it’s welcomed by those who find it. Where this leads, we’ll have to wait and see.