Rootin’ tootin’ summer salad

When we left off last we were cooking, but raw foods are important too. Many health experts agree you should eat some raw food every meal.


Here’s a simple salad that doesn’t involve washing lettuce!  And it’s packed with health-enhancing phytonutrients. You’ll need:


3 medium carrotsBeets+

1 green or other tart apple

1 big lime

2 tbs fresh ginger root

1 medium-small beet, peeled

Sea salt


I use a regular old grater for this and add the ingredients to a salad bowl in order. Grate the carrots first using the coarse holes. Then core and grate the apple coarsely. 


Using the fine grate, zest all the peel off the lime and add to the salad. Then cut the lime in half and squeeze all the juice over the grated apple (this will help keep the apple from turning brown).


Grate the ginger fine, then grate the beet coarsely.


Toss, season with sea salt and set aside for a few minutes. After the salad rests the lime and vegetable juices will accumulate on the bottom of the bowl, so stir it up again before serving.


My friend Tim Van Riper caught this great sunset photo from his cabin overlooking the Wet Mountain Valley last weekend. Tim manages the Pueblo Chieftain’s website and is a talented photographer as well. For several years he’s been my crew chief for the pack-burro races.



Photo by Tim Van Riper
Photo by Tim Van Riper