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Another taste of defeet

July 6, 2009

“Feet” seems to be a major search term that brings people this site. There’s tremendous interest in the notion of running closer to barefoot, and the potential damage caused by many of the overbuilt running shoes on the market today. 


Earlier this year I wrote about some issues I’ve had with running shoes and my attempts to get closer to a natural stride. It all started when Nike made changes to its Pegasus model. I have since been running in an old pair of Pegasus and rotating them with an old pair of Nike Free 5.0 and the new Nike Zoom Skylon.

The new version of the Pegasus left me with a painful talus joint in the medial ankle/foot. I recently had this worked on by Dr. Scott Cuthbert in Pueblo. He’s performed a couple of miracle healings on me in the past and I recommend him for anyone seeking a holistic approach to their health. After treatment by Dr. Scott, muscle testing showed I was fairly strong in the Zoom Skylon. In the meantime, upon recommendation of John O’Neill of Colorado Running Company, I ordered a pair of New Balance 904 TR.

I’ve now run three days in these new shoes and I really like them. The foot actually rests way lower in these than a side view would indicate. They are lightweight and flexible but offer just the little bit more protection that I need for running over rough terrain. And, most importantly, my gait feels fairly natural in these shoes. New Balance also offers the 904 in a street model.

The only thing I really hate about these shoes is the disco color scheme. Who comes up with this stuff? Whatever, I’d probably wear shoes in fluorescent pink if my feet felt good in them.