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A visit with Amy

August 26, 2008

It was almost a year ago Sunday that I rode into Upper Milwaukee Basin in the Sangre de Cristos with Amy Finger, Gary Ziegler, and other friends who were on our annual neighborhood pack trip. I’d never been to that spot before and Amy and Gary led the way from our camp along Sand Creek. All of them were on horses except for myself (I generally avoid riding anything with ears that short), upon Redbo the saddle donkey. Once there, the group stopped for lunch, then people went their separate ways, some staying to fish in the creek, some off to Upper Sand Creek Lake to fish, and Gary bustling away to climb above timberline.

Amy and I rode back to camp together. If I remember correctly, she was nursing an injured knee and riding a fairly green horse. And I was riding a green saddle donkey named Redbo who wanted to jump every water crossing. But we made it back slowly without incident.

So it was indeed an eye-opener one year later to visit Amy in Memorial Hospital’s rehab unit where she is recovering from her stroke. At first her voice was somewhat monotone, almost mechanical. But as she warmed up it became more fluid and comfortable. By the time I left, her speech seemed almost normal and her face much more relaxed.

Amy noted that before the stroke she had been running regularly nearly every morning, and had just a week before thought that she felt like she was in the best shape she’d ever been in. “It just doesn’t seem fair,” she said.

Well, it’s definitely not fair.

Anyway, tests show good brain-tissue regeneration, and a full recovery is expected. We all hope by this time next year she’ll be ready to get back to the back-country on one of our group pack trips.

By the way, she said the best time to visit at the hospital is noon or 5 p.m. Otherwise she’s likely busy with physical therapy or resting.

Amy Finger (left) and Nancy Hedberg enjoy cowboy coffee by the campfire at camp on Sand Creek a year ago.

Amy Finger (left) and Nancy Hedberg enjoy cowboy coffee by the campfire at camp on Sand Creek a year ago.

An update on Amy

August 16, 2008

I spoke with Gary Ziegler on the phone this morning. He’s back at Bear Basin Ranch and said Amy was released from the Mayo Clinic and returned to Colorado Springs on Robert Hamilton’s private plane on Friday. Though the team at Mayo Clinic was unable to determine any cause for her stroke, Gary reported progress with improved sensation in both her left arm and leg. For now Amy is in the Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, 7th Floor, Room 7632, and Gary said she would welcome visitors.

Amy Finger: positive attitude, determination

August 13, 2008

Overshadowing the past week here at Hardscrabble Times has been the news that our good friend and neighbor Amy Finger had a stroke last Thursday. For those who don’t know Amy, she is co-owner of Bear Basin Ranch and Adventure Specialists. She is a very active outdoorswoman and is only 47. She had her stroke the evening after coming back from a two-day horseback trail-clearing mission in the Sangre de Cristo range. Despite extensive tests at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, it still has not been determined what exactly caused the clot that cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain. The word is that she has regained some feeling and movement on her left side and is due back in Colorado Springs to begin rehabilitative therapy next week. I believe Amy’s positive attitude and determination will lead to a speedy and full recovery. For more on Amy, go to