Photo Gallery

One of the dangers of living in this area is becoming inured to the scenic beauty that is so ever-present. I’ve dusted off my camera and rusty photography skills and started to make a point of photographing those scenes I see almost every day. Click on any of these photos to enlarge. Digital prints are available. Contact me through comments to order.
First Snow

First Snow

Fall Horses

Fall Horses

Layered Look

Layered Look

Wintry Blast

Wintry Blast

Painted Sangres

Painted Sangres

Framed Cows

Framed Cows


Amber Waves of Grass

Amber Waves of Grass

7 Responses to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Brookwood Gallery Winter Show « Hardscrabble Times Says:

    […] James Caan, Jane Fonda, Jason Robards and, my favorite, Richard Farnsworth. My renewed interest in photography, especially what I call “livestock scenics,” have brought into focus the dramatic changes that […]

  2. 12th Man Says:

    I keep telling myself I’m going to get up at three to drive off to that one spot where I know I’ll get a great sunrise photo, or to that field where you get the perfect view of the Flatirons, or some other location that is just idiot-proof for a photographer. And then I never get around to it. If I keep waiting, when I finally get around to it there will be a cell phone tower right in the way.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Ooooooh, I had no idea your photo talents, you have a good eye!

  4. Carol Scoville Says:

    Great photos! Really appreciate the black angus photo! My parents raised black angus for several years. Rick raises them now! Once you taste the angus burger, steaks or roasts you will never eat the store boughten variety again!

  5. Theresa M Says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful layered photo of the Sangres
    We are in NC for now but hope to get there one day…
    We have land in Antelope Valley, Westcliffe and really miss the area there. Thanks again for making our day better.

  6. Gary Daly Says:

    What a great Photographer,I have been privilaged,to have lived in this area &I”m a Colorado native.You came up with some of the best pictures of the Sangre”s i have ever seen Compiliments on your work Thanks

  7. Randy Rhodes Says:


    I may want to buy “Fall Horses”. What is your price for a digital file for this photo? I intend to frame it for my lab in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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