Wild Burro Tales

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Travel with Hal Walter on a 30-year trek through the Rocky Mountains where he finds high adventure and a special connection with equus asinus on the Western Pack-Burro Racing circuit. Along the way, Walter also explores the magic of these animals as backcountry packers and saddle donkeys, and as therapeutic riding animals for his autistic son. “Wild Burro Tales” provides a unique perspective on a unique sport and donkeys in general, and has something for everyone from animal lovers to endurance athletes, and even those who just enjoy a well-told story. Illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings by Lorie Merfeld-Batson.

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For a signed copy, send $15 plus $3 shipping/handling to Hal Walter, 307 Centennial Dr., Westcliffe, CO 81252. Or pay by paypal, and sending money to jackassontherun@gmail.com — be sure to include your shipping address.

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