American Flats

Before the pandemic hit this past winter I’d been toying with the idea of producing a collection of non-fiction stories that I’ve written in recent years. I began to sort through these essays from various print and online publications, as well as my own files, and the title “American Flats” came to mind. By mid-March many of us had started to adjust to the idea that life may never be the same. Now we know for sure it won’t. Here we are, most of us more or less confined. Many of us have been furloughed from our jobs and are worried about our financial futures. Some of us have been forced to oversee our kids’ online schooling on top of our own work. Moreover, we’re all concerned for the lives of our loved ones and fellow humans. I feel that now is the time to give away something of my own creation so I rushed this thing to the virtual press. Here it is, my FREE ebook for your Apple device or Kindle. I hope you enjoy it. Download here.

2 thoughts on “American Flats

  1. Thank you very much! I have enjoyed reading this. I have two donkey rescues, still learning about them, and although they’re past the age mark for racing (thank goodness), I do hope to try driving with them. Some day…..

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