Extreme Support for Lifetime Athletes

Finishing the Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run in 2016. (photo by Kate Spinelli)

And now a word about my sponsor . . .

Many of you know I am an athlete-representative for Endurance Alchemy Lab. Our motto is “Extreme support for lifetime athletes.”

I first became involved with Endurance Alchemy Lab when I injured my shoulder badly in 2013. In fact my entire left arm was incapacitated for several weeks. Through the use of the Piñon-Arnica Endurance Cream in conjunction with other therapies, I regained full use of my arm and shoulder and am back to 10 pullups!

In addition, I use the Clear Mind Star Drops to maintain focus and alleviate nervousness prior to athletic events, and also before talks I give about neurodiversity, autism parenting and Endurance for Life.

Working with founder Peter May, we’ve also developed a variation of Clear Mind drops to help support children with autism, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, Tourette’s Syndrome and other neurodiversities. We call this product Neurodiversity Drops.

When I was hit by a car back in December, the products were central to my healing. The SUV actually stopped on the bridge of my right foot. Every professional I’ve spoken to has said it is virtually inconceivable that nothing in my foot was broken. I was able to apply the Piñon-Arnica Endurance Soak within a few hours of the accident, and then used the Piñon Pine Special Balm and Pinõn Arnica Cream to facilitate the healing process. I was hiking the next day and back to running in two days.

If you are a massage therapist, meridian therapist, applied kinesiologist, chiropractor, or other natural healthcare professional, please contact me for samples and information about using these products with your clients.

We also offer coaching, camps, and sound-therapy journeys by request.

To order any of the products check out the website www.endurancealchemy.com. Be sure to mention that you heard about the products from me. Or email me at jackassontherun@gmail.com for more information or to order through me.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Support for Lifetime Athletes

  1. How are you apple trees planted in 2011 doing now? Thanks, we’re at 8,000ft and planning to plant some this spring.

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