Farm Beet

By Hal Walter

The demand for local food has outstripped supply — and that demand is still growing.

That was local food proponent Michael Brownlee’s message to Arkansas Valley Organic Growers on Thursday. Brownlee is the spokesman for Transition Colorado, a Boulder-based movement aimed at promoting local and regional “foodsheds” through its Local Food Shift program. The program urges consumers to buy 10 percent of foods they consume from local sources.

He met with the AVOG farmers in a sunlight-warmed high-tunnel greenhouse at Country Roots Farm on the St. Charles Mesa east of Pueblo.

A foodshed is a geographical area that supplies a population area with food. As an example, Brownlee noted that 85 percent of Colorado’s population lives on the Front Range, most of it in the greater Denver/Boulder metroplex. But very little of the food consumed in this area is produced locally as there is not enough farmland…

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  1. Such a great story. So sorry to hear of your loss. We also have a Rat Terrier named “Ted”, he and your Ted would have similar stories to tell about encounters with a bull! (I guess it’s just in their blood!) Our little Ted is 12 now, and brings such joy and laughter to our days, we are grateful for each year more we get to enjoy him. Thanks for sharing your story, you will be in our thoughts in your time of loss.

  2. –Sorry– I just realized I posted this under the wrong story– not sure how to move or delete at this point! Perhaps you can from your end??


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