One thought on “Writing about autism

  1. Hal,

    I called Nancy Hobbs earlier, so she may have already contacted you. When I returned back home late afternoon to Black Forest after a day in town, I was shocked to hear our local news has been covering the Wetmore fire since early afternoon. That immediately made me think of you, causing me to call Nancy.

    I do not have a current email address for you, so I’m contacting you this way to let you know that you, Mary and Harrison are in our thoughts and prayers. I did read your recent article about living with autism. Last Sunday I stayed after church for a meeting of Sunday school teachers to help us understand the special needs children in our classes. We were reminded we needed to be there to take care of these children not only to minister to them but to their parents so they could have an hour or so in the worship service. In your usual way, your writing captures something profound and confounding.

    Thankful our lives have somehow crossed and for your example in our lives. Also praying you have not been adversely affected by this fire in your part of the state.

    Joyce (& Jim McKelvey)

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