My story about Sunflower Valley goat cheese dairy from the AVOG Farm Beet

Farm Beet

Local goat cheese dairy becomes eighth AVOG member farm

By Hal Walter

A quest to find a clean source of fresh local goat milk for her children led Nicole Pope on her journey to establishing one of Southern Colorado’s most notable goat-cheese dairies.

Her state-licensed Sunflower Valley has been supplying goat milk shares and specialty chevre goat cheese since 2010. This year Sunflower Valley is adding fresh eggs and a limited amount of fresh produce to its offerings through Arkansas Valley Organic Growers.

Sunflower Valley is AVOG’s newest member, bringing the total of farms to eight.

“Being introduced to AVOG and being able to work with the group has really opened up a lot of doors for us and it’s been a very positive experience,” says Nicole. “I’ve learned a lot about the local food community, and made a lot of connections with local growers for the produce I add…

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