‘Haulin’ Ass’ at Boulder Chautauqua Friday

The film “Haulin’ Ass” will be screening at the Boulder Chautauqua auditorium this Friday, May 25.

The film focuses on the lives of three pack-burro racers — myself, Roger Pedretti of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and Curtis Imrie of Buena Vista.It won the Mountain Film Award and the Golden Badger Award for Wisconsin Filmmaking.
While the movie may outwardly appear to be just about pack-burro racing, it’s really about much more than that, as filmmaker Trevor Velin delves into our lives and the psychology behind our participation in this sport. This film will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It’s only an hour long but you’ll feel like you’ve physically and emotionally been to the top of Mosquito Pass with each of these characters.
Tickets are $12, and $9 for Chautauqua members. They can be purchased at the door or online at https://tickets.chautauqua.com/Online/default.asp

2 thoughts on “‘Haulin’ Ass’ at Boulder Chautauqua Friday

  1. Will it be in the Seattle area anytime soon? Please say yes!!!! We have a theatre here in my town, I’m hoping it’ll be close by.
    Lori in Monroe, Wa

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