A quick trot and plenty of go

After a disappointing pack-burro racing season last summer, I knew if I wanted to stay with the sport I’d need to do something about my animal situation. Clearly, I’d reached the limits with Laredo, who’d been my main partner these past few years. Despite winning two World Championships Laredo has some physical limitations on the long, high-altitude courses at Fairplay and Leadville. I began to think in terms of bringing Spike out of retirement, knowing that he won four world Championships, and could probably still outrun the current winning times. This is still an option. Then Vicki Livingston suggested I give a burro out of her herd a try. This burro, whom I’m calling Cash shows a lot of promise with a quick, long trot, and plenty of go. I believe him to be a great grandson of the first burro I ever ran, Moose. Cash still needs a lot of training before I could consider him race-worthy, but check out this video I made during a recent training run with him.

12 thoughts on “A quick trot and plenty of go

  1. What a great post, Hal…Cash sure looks like a winner, listening to your heavy breathing while he just trots along. I plan on being at some of the races and will introduce myself (I’ll be a spectator this year).

    I’m interested in getting into the sport someday (I am an ultrarunner right now, living in Northern NM) and hope to pick your brain sometime. I’ve already got some good stuff from Tom S. and you come highly recommended by Nancy H.

    Keep up the Burro posts, I’m loving them!


  2. Hal,

    Nice @ss! He looks just like my new racing partner, Hutch. Peckinpah is slowing way down, and JJ is for sale after almost killing me at the NWSS this year.

    How tall is he? He looks like 55″ in the video.

    Good luck.


  3. Hey Hal, Cash is way smaller than Calvin. Do you think Calvin can participate in a burro race? He can be a real ass so maybe he qualifies?!

  4. OK, so JJ has always been a “knucklehead” and a poor racing burro,but I’ve tried to work with him to find his strengths. He’s not bad for riding, but he does buck fairly often, he packs fairly well, and has bee been pretty steady with a cart….until NWSS.

    Outside waiting to go compete in the cart class, he blew up and ran me over hooked up to the cart. I ran after him, jumped on his head and tried to wrestle him to a stop before running over the hundreds of spectators milling about the area. I did manage to yell enough to clear a path so no one was run over, but since he wouldn’t stop I steered him into a wall.

    Only I was injured as I was between JJ and the wall. Fortunately only bruises and scrapes.

    I think he’s just a renegade at heart

  5. Wow! Dave! So hopefully potential buyers aren’t reading my blog! The Waymore line is bizarro. They tend to be dull until all hell breaks lose.

  6. Hal, he looks great, Mordecai is in good shape this year, I will miss georgetown but will be in fairplay. I will call when i am up next

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