They’re still playing with our food

The news this week is that the “Food Safety and Modernization Act” remains alive. Lawmakers have quietly attached it to the Continuing Resolution, which funds the entire government for most of the following year, and so it now appears the bill will pass.

As mentioned in my previous post, part of the problem with this bill is sorting fact from fiction, and how it will truly affect small farm and food operations. One interpretation is that it would even require those making goods, like jelly, for fairs “to submit three years of financials, documentation of hazard control plans, and all local licenses.”

That makes me feel safer already.

Another is that even farms and facilities deemed “exempt” from the bill would be required to submit a ton of paperwork.

That’s just plain stupid.

As previously noted, the bill will cost about $1.4 billion, part of which appears will go toward hiring 4,000 new FDA agents to enforce these new rules.

As someone who supports small farms and farmers markets as much as possible, I find it very disappointing that this bill will probably become law.

Oddly, the law won’t make any difference in our grassfed beef operation as it apparently does not apply to meat producers at all.

But fresh local fruits and vegetables may be in peril, as may be the lifestyles that produce this food.

When real food is outlawed, only outlaws will eat real food.

Here are some links to more information on this bill:

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