A beary, beary summer

I found this little bear at the barn over at the ranch when I went to meet the farrier there this afternoon. This one had been inside the barn and had tried to climb a set of racks that we use to store horse and veterinary supplies. It walked away and climbed a nearby tree.

It’s the third bear I’ve seen this summer. The first was back in early June while training with my burro Redbo on nearby Dilley Ranch. I walked to within about 50 yards of it, close enough to see it was tagged. I watched it dig, then it wandered off. Redbo got a little snorty, and when we got back on the road, the bear walked up out of the brush behind us. It crossed slowly on a diagonal and disappeared on the other side.

The second bear appeared on a long training run on the Adobe Peak roads near here. My burro Laredo sidestepped abruptly when we spooked it snoozing in the shade of some aspen trees along the road. I turned to see the little bear angling away downhill, maybe 10 to 15 yards away. Laredo and I just kept on running.

My friend Kip Olson was attacked by a bear southeast of Westcliffe while hiking a couple weekends ago. The bear apparently swatted Kip across the forehead, before taking off after his dog. Kip was able to get away with just minor gashes.

Here’s another bear story from my friend Miles: http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20100709/NEWS/100709822/1083&parentprofile=1

4 thoughts on “A beary, beary summer

    1. He was apparently hiking with his dog on a trail near his place. The bear came barreling downhill at him. He’s not sure if there was a cub nearby but he never saw one. Or perhaps it was a reaction to the dog. Odd, but not unheard of.

  1. I am glad to know your friend is OK. However, after you mentioned the bear took off after the dog you didn’t say whether or not the dog is OK.

    Thanks, Lindy

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