‘Haulin’ Ass’: The movie trailer

I just looked this up. A trailer is a preview or movie advertisement. Last summer, Trevor Velin, a New York filmmaker who has become a good friend, came to Colorado to make a documentary film on pack-burro racing. Trevor was out last week and wired me for some additional voice-over. He showed me his rough cut of the film, and some of the scenes moved me to tears. He really found and explored some raw nerves in the three characters — myself, Curtis Imrie and Roger Pedretti. Sport meets art head-on in this documentary. The movie is due out this summer. For now, here is his trailer for the film.

2 thoughts on “‘Haulin’ Ass’: The movie trailer

  1. I am really surprised that no one has left a comment on the trailer. The scenery was wonderful and the burros and runners at their best. From what I can see in the preview, Trevor did a fine job of presenting what the whole kit and caboodle is all about. Dad & I are looking forward to seeing his film.

  2. I had always read your essays in CO Central while living in Salida. After leaving Salida and subsequently canceling my subscription I lost touch with what was going on in the Rockies. Now I have found your Hardscrabble blog. We always attended Gold Rush Days in BV and would help line the streets as the burros with their partners approached the finish line. Now this movie – I can hardly wait to see it. Love the shots of the guys trying to convince their burros to “haul ass”. 😀
    Love the CO scenery – I will always miss the Rockies.

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