You can go by Zike-Bike if you like

OK. So I rode something that doesn’t have long ears. And with all due respect to Dr. Seuss, it was great fun.

Today we received a used Trek Mountain Train tag-a-long bike, a gift from The Great Divide in Pueblo and one of the store’s customers. We had told Harrison we were getting a “Zike-Bike,” which you might recall from “Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now.”  I immediately hooked it up to one of my mountain bikes and we gave it a try on the dirt roads around the house.

Boy howdy — talk about having to learn how to ride a bike all over again! Remember, I’m a 50-year old fossil and have a hard enough time keeping my own self upright on two feet. Keeping a 45-pound autistic boy (he doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of shifting his weight around, and pedaling is entirely optional for him), plus another half of a bike, balanced on three wheels is, well, let’s just call it a reawakening of the senses of balance and danger.

Back and forth we pedaled on the flat dirt road southwest of the property. Then I tried the cul-de-sac, and even managed to negotiate the turn there without putting a foot down in the soft dirt. Harrison thought the ride was a blast, particularly when we hit bumps in the road.

It was actually a lot of fun for me, too, especially once I began to relax. My visions of cruising the nearby Adobe Peak forest roads may be a ways off, but I think this thing’s going to be a great addition. Still, at this point I must admit I’m more confident on the back of a donkey.

2 Responses to “You can go by Zike-Bike if you like”

  1. 12th Man Says:

    // It was actually a lot of fun for me, too, especially once I began to relax. //

    Secret to life, right there. I’m still working on it.

    Harrison is a lucky kid.

  2. Greg Nolan Says:

    I thought you might appreciate this link on aspergers.

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