Simple arugula salad; Marines deploy longears

I try to eat a salad every day, but recently I’ve been bored with the same old leafy routines. So I decided to invent some new salads that are nutritious and simple.

This one’s simply baby arugula and kiwi fruit. Wash and dry the arugula leaves and place in salad bowls. Under running water take a paring knife and scrape the fuzz off the kiwi fruits, retaining the brown skin which contains valuable tocotrienols. These are hard-to-find components of the vitamin E complex that are generally not available in vitamin pills. Slice the kiwis crosswise and serve over the arugula.  I like to dress this with lemon-flavored flax oil.

• • •

I try to avoid the news because I believe it is bad for your health, brain-wave function and general outlook on life. It’s also addictive. Especially, I tune out opiniontainment channels. However, someone recently sent this Fox report about the Marine’s use of donkeys and mules in Afghanistan. There’s also a video clip mid-story. Interesting in this age of high-tech warfare that we turn to mules and donkeys for back-country transportation when the going gets rugged.

3 thoughts on “Simple arugula salad; Marines deploy longears

  1. my younger son did two marine infantry tours in iraq. on the first tour his squad enlisted the use of an iraqi burro to patrol with them. the burro’s duty was to haul the hefty heavy radio for communication! working with the burro was second nature to my son as we adopted a blm wild burro and he had years of xperience with her. saddling (pack) her, leading her, everything. burros are tremendous desert animals and hardy (& sometimes “hearty”-if treated right!) workers

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