Collecting thoughts over spring break

Easter Sunday kayaking on Dry Lake at Bear Basin Ranch.

OK. OK. All right, already. No, I didn’t turn 50 and run off into the sunset. The truth is I just haven’t had a collected thought in, well, more than a week. Give me a break. I can join AARP now.

It’s been spring break. Without much of the spring. Although during this staycation we did enjoy two trips to Pueblo Reservoir to check out the trails there with our burros. What a great trail system, with lots of Southwestern scenery, tall sandstone rimrock and not really a lot of people. The thermometer hit 83 there one day and 78 the next.

And then spring was over.

We lasted out the rest of the week battling the mud and the wind and the actual running and standing water.

For Éostre there was a little break in the weather. I got in a good run and then decided to try something we hadn’t done locally before — kayaking. There’s a little pothole called Dry Lake that holds water in some of the wetter years. This spring it’s about as full of snowmelt as I remember ever seeing it in 19 winters.

So we loaded up the boat and drove the couple miles over to Dry Lake. There I put on my leaky fishing waders and pulled Harrison around in the kayak. He thought that was just great fun.

Of course, I had to get in the boat and paddle around Dry Lake, too. Just to say I’ve kayaked in this place that many would think never holds water. I may be 50 now but I’m not exactly what you would call a grownup.

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