When a dog pukes bluish green

Could anything else possibly go wrong around here? Today, while I was in Pueblo getting a painful tooth filling refilled, Mary took the dogs on a walk with Harrison over to our new neighbors’ new building. They don’t actually live here and have indicated it’s OK for us to walk over there. They put up this barn to store belongings, but we didn’t know they also had set out a lot of mouse poison outside around the building.

Unfortunately our dogs got into it.

When I arrived home to this story I called area veterinarian Kit Ryff, and he gave me instructions over the phone. We induced vomiting in both dogs by giving them a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Then we waited to look at the results. Soon both dogs barfed.

Ted the rat terrier threw up dog food that was a normal color. However, Sam the big shepherd mix, puked bluish-green, which meant he had consumed a significant dose of the poison.

Since Kit was in Salida and would not be back until later in the evening, I called another local vet, Julie Sperry. She suggested one more round of peroxide for Sam. This time he hurled a whitish bile, indicating he had thrown up most of the poison the first go-round.

All that was left to do was drive to town and pick up some vitamin K pills, which Sam will have to take for the next few days.

While we’re hoping our dogs will be OK, I’m also wondering why the sale of rat poison is allowed, period. Sure, it’s their property, but clearly their use of this poison is careless and the effects reach beyond property lines. Our dogs found it, and what wildlife other than mice might have gotten into this poison? Worse yet, what if a child gets into it?

2 thoughts on “When a dog pukes bluish green

  1. Glad the dogs are better.

    Some people feel the need to sterilize their environment, unfortunately.

    I worry about hantavirus, so I set traps, but with nothing more toxic than peanut butter.

    A previous owner of our guest cabin left warfarin-based poison sets in the crawl space/cellar. I thought I had gotten them all out, but then a rock squirrel got in there, and before I could lure it into the Havaheart live trip, it must have found yet another rat bait, for I found its dessicated body.

    Consequently, I keep the dogs out of that cellar, much to their disappointment.

  2. Consider yourself lucky you don’t live in the south east. We had neighbors in Georgia who would leave bowls of antifreeze to “take care of” any dogs who got out of their own yard.

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