Five yards short of a Super Bowl

I recently read that Brett Favre takes 800 milligrams of ibuprofen three times a day. Who knows if that is true, but it’ can’t be enough to take the edge off the physical and mental pain he must be going through.

I’ve spent the better part of a week trying to get my mind around the Minnesota Vikings’ loss in the NFC Championship game, and moreover, Favre’s game-ending interception.

Sure, the Vikes made plenty of mistakes throughout the game, but they were still in it until the penalty for 12 men in the huddle. That set up Favre’s bad throw in the final seconds.

Now regardless of what you think of Favre — I enjoy watching him play — he had a great season. Everyone talked about how “old” he is, but there are 28 younger quarterbacks in the NFL who can only wish they brought their teams that far. Clearly age is not an issue here.

And Favre had thus far played a pretty good game. Despite the fumbles, penalties, one interception and other errors — not to mention Favre taking a tremendous physical beating — his team was still in a position to win.

Then came the 5-yard penalty, and, with his team needing just a few yards to kick a field goal, the fated play. Favre later said he should have run.

Duh. I will not pretend to know what was going through his mind at the time he let go of that ball, but I was yelling “run” right here in my living room.

The whole thing brought to memory John Elway’s famous run and “leap” in Super Bowl XXXII. The difference is Elway did run, and the Bronco’s won the game. The irony is that Favre was the losing quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in that Super Bowl.

Elway, by the way, was 38 then.

You’d think Elway’s run would have been stuck in Favre’s mind. Maybe next year. I think Favre will be back. I just don’t think he can end his career with that play.

One thought on “Five yards short of a Super Bowl

  1. I stumled on to your post about Brett Favre. I have to say, I still think about what you wrote about every day, well almost. The man took a beating that game, ankle injured. Even still, I think he tried to stick with the pay that was called to play smart, but was too late to deliver from the pain and being harassed all day long. I saw an extra few steps in there to gain some room. That big opening to pick up the yards was right there in our faces, but I would have wanted to walk in his shoes that day.. no sir..

    He should have never had to be in that situation in the first place. He did his job that had field goal range already. The kicker was a packer at one time, I beleive he could have done the deed.

    Oh well is is a game or seconds, and inches some times.. Just I havnt seen him take a beating like that for years.

    I said it last year and he proved me right , his best game is yet to come.

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