A Koop full of ironies

At first I thought I was seeing some sort of Saturday Night Live-style spoof on The Weather Channel, but then it became clear this commercial was no joke, but rather part of the big misinformation campaign against health-care reform.

Here is the former icon of our so-called health-care system — which is really a disease-care system — telling of his multiple health problems. Sure, he’s 93, but that’s no excuse for being unhealthy. We know that old age alone does not necessarily cause ill health — but a lifetime of lifestyle and dietary habits may be a contributing factor, the same way, just as C. Everett Koop told us, smoking causes cancer and heart disease.

Ideally, all of us should strive to be healthy and functional until the day we die. Unfortunately, most Americans spend the last 12 years of their lives in a state of ill health, dysfunction and reduced quality of life. Few are willing to make positive changes, and so we expect medicine or insurance or the government to bail us out of this health deficit. Ultimately, none of them can or will.

I don’t know who paid for Dr. Koop’s joint replacements, pacemakers and stent, but I have my suspicions. Why shouldn’t everyone have the same quality coverage?

3 thoughts on “A Koop full of ironies

  1. The commercial is an insult to American voters. The secret negotiations that Koop is complaining about have been suspended since at least 12 days ago. What a load of disinformation! The Weather Channel should pull this ad immediately. If anybody knows how to contact them for this purpose, please advise.

  2. I was shocked to hear all of the misinformation coming out of the former health promotion icon.
    I guess it is just more testimony to how people can be bought to assist those with lots of money to protect their interests at the expense of the American public.
    Very, very disappointing.

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