2009, a year of passage and reflection

First sunset of 2010 at the Out There Pack-Burro Ranch and Training Facility.

If I must find something good to say about 2009 perhaps it served as a year of passage, though I’m not sure to what. And now this year I face the big 5-0. If I’ve come up with anything definitive in almost a half century it is that this has thus far been a life imperfectly lived, and I suppose that applies to most lives. And most years.

Perhaps this photo sums it up best. It’s the first colorful sunset of the new year, Jan. 1, 2010. The sun is starting its northward journey. But there was no way to take the photo except how it is. And how it is is there is a big metal building that sprang up this past year right dab in the middle of that hillside. Look closely and maybe you’ll see it. That same metal building is also framed in our southwest livingroom window.

But as we enter 2010, I’ve decided to just take the photo as it is. See the sunset, not the building. As we embark on this new year things are what they are, and we are where we are. And that’s just that.

I don’t eat at restaurants often, and I don’t find that many places I like to eat in nearby Pueblo. But that’s where we do our major shopping and sometimes it’s more convenient to just eat there than to drive home and cook. Richard Warner, former chef at Steel City Diner, along with his brother-in-law Mark Oreskovich have opened up a cool hamburger joint called Bingo Burger. The menu features hamburgers made from natural grass-fed beef (no hormones, drugs or chemicals), as well as lamb and poultry burgers and interesting sides including sweet potato fries and green salads.

We stopped in the other night for dinner, and the experience was super. I rarely eat anything made from wheat flour, but put aside my orthorexia nervosa (a term I usually reserve for vegetarians but I suppose also could be applied to wheat phobics) that night for a Bingo Burger (medium rare with roasted green chile) on a really good bun. The food was really great — even Harrison tore into his Berry Burger, and he’s a picky eater.

We lived it up even more when Richard appeared at the table with a homemade chocolate malt. I highly recommend checking out Bingo Burger next time you’re looking for something good to eat in the Steel City.

As for my bun phobia, I suppose Richard could always toss a burger atop a salad next time, though I’m really curious about that lamb burger with goat cheese . . .

One thought on “2009, a year of passage and reflection

  1. On Friday 1/15 the stars finally aligned, and I was able to eat at Bingo Burger after driving by many times, usually right after breakfast.

    At 2 p.m., the place was three-quarters full. My medium-rare Bingo Burger was just fine.

    With Conway’s Red Top just around the corner, is this neighborhood now Pueblo’s Burger District?

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