Lady luck in a water trough

As I shut off the standpipe to the horse trough at the ranch this cold, gray, snowy morning, I spotted something small and red floating on the water. I was about to walk away when curiosity got the best of me.

A closer look revealed a lady bug. I scooped the beetle out of the water with my hand and could see tiny legs moving.

Now, it’s been pretty cold at night recently — two nights ago we had frost you could measure with a ruler — and today is even more frigid with no sun and wind chill surely somewhere in the single digits.

Perplexed at how this insect could have survived the weather, not to mention the swim, I traipsed off to my vehicle with the ladybug riding on my palm, where it remained except for a brief venture up my wrist, until I arrived home and released it on the house plants.

In many cultures ladybugs are associated with good luck, and beetles in general are said to be a sign of resurrection and metamorphosis — all of which are welcome notions on a gloomy day like today.

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