Imagine my surprise

Colorado Central magazine has unveiled its new website. It’s a big improvement, but for the time being means some links to there from Hardscrabble Times do not work.

Publisher Mike Rosso says that in coming weeks the entire archive from the magazine should be available.

Speaking of media, or rather things approximating such, my former employer, The Pueblo Chieftain, has reared its gnarly head again. This time with an e-mail asking if I would be interested in working as night city editor two nights a week on a contractual basis to fill in for someone retiring in January.

Of course this all was pending approval by upper management, and it was made clear: “This is just a feeler, not an offer.”

I could see right away this situation was being handled just as spectacularly as my lay-off last January, particularly since the e-mail was apparently sent by one editor at the request of his boss.

What was I to think of this?

I guess I’m not in a position to dismiss any earnest proposal of work. Then again, I’ve been out of there for about 10 months. I’m not completely broke. I have freelance work and manage to stay fairly busy if not wealthy.

My answer: “We could talk about it.”

After several weeks, word came back that management didn’t go for the idea.

Imagine my surprise.

One thought on “Imagine my surprise

  1. Your link has some bad code. But you are right, the new Web site (and the magazine design) are both much improved. The Quillens put out a good product, but its look was firmly stuck in the Victorian-revival graphic tradition that peaked during the 1976 Bicentennial.

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