The last beautiful days of August



We’ve been making a weekly habit of hiking into some great place in the Sangre de Cristos for some fishing. My son Harrison rides one of our burros.

The mountains are here. Wish you were beautiful.

We might as well take advantage of our geography, especially during these last idyllic days of summer and early fall. Today’s adventure was into the Macy Lakes drainage. I’m not terribly concerned about revealing the location because few would or could walk this far.

We stopped short of the lakes to do some stream fishing. In about an hour I caught and released about 15 cutthroat trout. None were huge but all were a thrill. They could not resist an orange ant.

Harrison’s mount today was Redbo. Harrison rides with a comfort and fluidity that I’ve rarely seen. He seems to flow with the animal up and down the gnarly, rocky trails. He was in the saddle today for a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes. I ran a stopwatch on it.

We were greeted back at the trailhead by a brief shower. Just a short drive and we were back at home.

One thought on “The last beautiful days of August

  1. Great picture, great adventures with your family! That’s what family memories are made of. I still cherish the times I did similar things with my girls years ago.

    I spent the weekend carting around Lake County for six hours Saturday and 7 hours Sunday. It’s safe to say JJ & Peckinpah are true cart professionals. Hutch get’s his chance this weekend.

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