Amazing wheat-free cheese blintzes

BLINTZsmCheese blitzes are easy to make without wheat. To make two blintzes, whip up three eggs and about 1/8 cup cream to make a thin batter. Pour out on a fairly hot buttered pan. As the blintz congeals, add cream cheese near one end and then roll it up. Let cook a little longer until the cream cheese melts. Serve with a fruit topping. This topping is blueberries, strawberries, whey powder, egg-white powder and a little honey. This blintz came out in purple and gold — school colors at my old high school, Lake Braddock in Northern Virginia, where I excelled in Latin, journalism, and pretty much nothing else, though I did try my best at football and baseball.

Some people ask me why I avoid foods made with wheat flour. Wheat flour has very little to offer in terms of nutrition (empty high-glycemic calories) and its overconsumption has been linked to many health problems. Certainly not something to eat on any regular basis.

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