Wedding ride













My friends Kevin and Emily were married in a Western-style ceremony on Bear Basin Ranch Saturday, so a few of us decided to ride on over to the event, which was about 2 miles by trail from my house. Pictured here are my neighbor Patti on her mare Mia and myself on my jack Ace as we left for the wedding. It was the first time I’ve ever ridden to a wedding, and also the first time I’ve actually dressed up to ride anywhere. The animals were a real hit with many of the wedding-goers.

Quite a few people visit this site looking for information about saddle donkeys and many are looking for animals for sale. In particular, my essay “Riding out the saddle donkey phenomonen” is one of the top-visited items on Hardscrabble Times. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding these critters, their training, where to buy one or equipment, pack-burro racing or my book “Pack-Burro Stories.” My e-mail is

And congratulations to Kevin and Emily.




One thought on “Wedding ride

  1. Nice looking ass Hal! It’s 2 weeks to my youngest daughters wedding, and she’s arriving via Peckinpah & cart. Her father will be driving, of course, and taking it easy on my post op shoulder.

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