‘Wild Burro Tales’ in the works

519kg6y4jtl_sl160_aa115_Back in 1998 I put together a collection of 11 stories I had written about my pack-burro racing adventures and published it as a 106-page book that I called “Pack-Burro Stories.” It wasn’t exactly Ken Kesey’s “Last Go Round,” which was a fictional account of the 1911 Pendleton Round-Up rodeo based on real-life characters and events, but my little book did serve to introduce a number of people to pack-burro racing, some of the characters involved, and burros in general.

Over the years I’ve been surprised at the continued interest in “Pack-Burro Stories.” From time to time people still contact me looking for a copy. As the number of these books dwindle to about 50, I’m putting together a new collection of burro essays that will be published under the title “Wild Burro Tales” in the spirit of the old Ben Green books. What I’m planning to do is keep the original 11 essays from “Pack-Burro Stories” and add several more that I’ve collected over the last nine years. I’m also arranging some new artwork to help make the book more interesting.

When the book is out, hopefully in the next couple months, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, check out “Last Go Round,” and any of the Ben Green books such as “Horse Tradin’,” “The Village Horse Doctor,” “Wild Cow Tales,” and “A Thousand Miles of Mustangin’.” All these books are great reading for those who love animals and the West.

And if you want one of the last few copies of “Pack-Burro Stories” get in touch with me at jackassontherun@gmail.com.

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