Colorado Central changes hands

march-coverBack in the early 1990s I aspired to be a writer and despite some successes I was broke and had wallpapered my bathroom with rejection letters from magazine editors. In March 1994 when Ed and Martha Quillen started Colorado Central magazine I provided an essay called “Land scams go around, and around, and around.” They seemed to not care about the effect this might have on advertising from real-estate developers, and I went on to contribute two more essays that first year the magazine was published.

In 1995 I wrote just two longer essays for the magazine. But there must have been something Ed and Martha saw in my first five efforts, for they offered me the opportunity for a monthly column on the back inside page of the magazine starting in January 1996. I never missed one for 13 years — by my count that’s exactly 163 essays/columns as of this month, if you include the first five in 1994 and ’95. If you were to run them all end-to-end it wouldn’t exactly be “War and Peace” but it would be nearly halfway there at more than 200,000 words. You can read most of these online through the archive. (It’s interesting to note that through a computer glitch some early issues were lost and were retrieved by text scanning; so some of these archived columns may contain a few typographical errors.)

The big news this month in the history of Colorado Central is that Ed and Martha have sold the magazine. Mike Rosso of Salida is taking over as owner and publisher. Mike has a good deal of media experience, and is also a courageous person for taking on this project during a time of profound change in the publishing business. I’ve had some great talks with Mike about the future of the magazine and I have faith that his ideas and energy will carry this niche publication forward. In addition, Ed and Martha will continue to contribute. And I’ll continue to write a monthly column.

My thanks to Ed and Martha for taking a chance on me back in 1996, as well as for their support, encouragement and patience (I have been known to fudge on deadlines) over all these years. Look for the first issue under Mike’s leadership to be out any day. My essay this month is an expanded version of “Coming to terms with the A-word” which had its beginnings as an entry on this site.

One thought on “Colorado Central changes hands

  1. Knowing you will be continuing to contribute gives me more confidence in the new incarnation of Colorado Central magazine. Not that I would cancel my subscription; I was just nervous about what to expect, hoping we didn’t lose the “brain trust” CCm has come to represent for our area.

    Charlie Green
    Texas Creek, CO

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