Courage and wonder on the Voodoo Trail

Even in a mild winter it’s easy to feel a bit snowbound in the Wet Mountains. Most of the trail routes I use in the warmer months are at least partially closed by snowbanks. If you like to run regularly like I do, the decision whether to go left or right at the main road gets old.

Getting off the glacier is always a good mental break. Today I planned a shopping trip to Pueblo, coupled with an exploration of the trail system on the south side of the Pueblo Reservoir. I parked at a turnout on Colorado 96 and took the trail from there. Although it’s February it was T-shirt weather. A sign pointed the way to the “Voodoo Trail.”

Within a mile the tracks of casual walkers gave way to the braided tread of mountain bike tracks, and my Nikes were the only footprints in the trail. The trail dropped down an arroyo and then climbed up and to the west, where another sign indicated a loop. I opted for the counter-clockwise “Voodoo Loop” thinking that I’d be soon disappointed with not enough distance.

Onward I ran, as the trail meandered in and out of the various ravines and offered great vantages of the water from high cliffs. A half-hour out from the truck I ran out of time and the loop had not even begun to turn a corner. I stopped and took in the sights from a point overlooking the lake. Though it was midday, a better-than-half moon was rising over the bluffs to the east.

Back at the truck I changed into street clothes and drove on into Pueblo for lunch and groceries. I found a map of the trail system online. The Voodoo Loop, it turns out, is more than 11 miles. I plan to make this trail system a regular break, and maybe even bring a burro next time as I see some of the trails are open to equines.

One thought on “Courage and wonder on the Voodoo Trail

  1. I am beginning to exercise after 10 month with a broken leg. The thought of falling on ice really bothers me, so I’m on snow shoes and the stationary bike for now.

    The bike feels like I don’t get a left or right choice, only straight ahead.

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