It’s a wrap

We had our first taste of our own grassfed beef tonight. The meat from this animal had been aging at the Chop Shop for two weeks to the day. I stopped by there this morning and explained one concern I had to Jeff the butcher.

This steer had been somewhat of a wild thing (you can read about one of my adventures with him here.) and actually ran away twice. The second time he went over the mountain and got mixed in with another cattle herd on Hosa Flats where the rancher suggested I just leave him for the summer. The only problem was when those folks rounded up their animals they didn’t call me and my steer took a trailer ride to Penrose. So I had to fetch him back up the mountain.

Since this animal was such a runner I wondered if the meat would be any good and asked Jeff if I might give a small cut a try before he cut and wrapped the whole critter. There was always the option of turning the entire animal into hamburger or jerky if the flavor was off or the meat turned out to be too tough.

Jeff carved off a piece of bottom round, a cut of meat that is notorious for being on the tough side and is usually made into a roast or stew meat. He then cut this into some small chops.

This evening I pan-seared these chops with just sea salt and pepper and served them up with some simple sautéed mushrooms. The beef was great. For bottom round it was actually fairly tender, and the flavor was really good, and clean. It’s a wrap.

2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap

  1. Beats the hell out of hauling your stimulus package down the hill to Pew-blow and buyin’ a couple shrinkwraps of nucular pork in rocket-fuel sauce and a can a beans from the King Stupors.

  2. we buy grass-fed beef from one of your competitors up in Frémont County. We were primarily trying to avoid Mad Cow Disease; we’re crazy enough now! And were sick of ground turkey!

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