More good news for trees

As reported in the Denver Post, commercial printer National Hirschfeld closed its doors this week, laying off 250 employees. The company had been in business for more than a century — since 1907 — and handled accounts that included the Denver Broncos and the National Western Stock Show.

Apparently customers like that weren’t enough to keep the company open in today’s economy.

The printing plant’s closing grabbed my attention not only because I just lost my job in the newspaper business, but also because I’ve done a fair amount of business with National Hirschfeld over the last decade.

My own book, “Pack Burro Stories,” was printed by C&M Press, which was merged into the National Hirschfeld company in 2005.

In addition, for about 10 years I published books by Phil Maffetone, including “In Fitness and In Health” and his series of ABCs health booklets through the company, and also printed the first edition of Phil’s newsletter, The Maffetone Report, on its press.

I have seen the sign of the times, and it’s on the Internet. I suppose this all bodes well for trees.

2 thoughts on “More good news for trees

  1. So the trees have that going for them. Not sure it makes up for that pine beetle thing, but it’s a start.

    Lordy, folks locking up the doors left and right. Denver’s Sports Authority took a hatchet to their corporate organization chart this week.

    The worst part is that nothing significant has really changed in the last couple of years. The only difference is that the financial markets have turned out to be smoke and mirrors. But is that a shock to anyone? The idea of making money off of buying and selling a share of someone else’s work should have been banned years ago. You want to make money? Then make something and sell it. But selling a piece of someone else’s work? I don’t get it.

    We could snap out of it if someone with a lot of clout, like maybe Steve Jobs, would take out a page in the NY Times and say, “Here are our priorities: #1) Making cool stuff. #2) Keeping out customers happy with good service after they buy our cool stuff. #3) Keeping our employees happy, because happy employees make cool stuff. #2,309) If there’s any time left over in the day, worrying about our stock price.

    Hope things are going well for you.

  2. I just read an interesting and related article by John Dvorack in the February PC magazine in which he brings up the point that we are on the verge of loosing a huge chunk of our history from the 1980’s and forward as a result of the global move towards storing all news and data electronically. This is resulting in important information being lost due to several factors converging He provides the example of how he was searching for an article he found on a BBC website in the late 1990’s and he recently tried to retrieve the article and found that the article and information about that event was no longer available and could not be retrieved. He sites the fact that many newspapers are being closed down and going electronic and as this happens many newspapers or businesses get bought and sold and when this happens what happens to the previous knowledge and data that was stored often times it is lost. Another factor is that the means of storing information is constantly changing, we all have information and documents that we may have created and stored on media that are no longer supported such as floppy discs, zip drives, ect that are no longer being supported by the companies that made them so as progress continues to progress technology is left in the dust and a lot of our history is left in the dust and on discarded media. So it is good news for the trees, but we may look back on this time in 20 or 30 years and be hard pressed to remember what happened and what was important.

    Love the Blog, Hall.

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