Brookwood Gallery Winter Show

The Brookwood Gallery in Westcliffe held an opening last weekend for its Winter Show Nov. 29- Dec. 31 . The show features paintings in oil and pastel by artists Gerald Merfeld (kneeling at left) and Lorie Merfeld-Batson (center), as well as photography by Elizabeth Merfeld (right). The gallery itself is a beautiful setting, and the artwork is fantastic.

News comes this week that Cox Enterprises is seeking to sell the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel and Scripps wants to sell the Rocky Mountain News, along with its share in tens of millions in operating debt. It will be interesting to see how many people line up to buy those two fossils of the media business. Meanwhile Gannett is reportedly laying off 2,000 workers, and Editor and Publisher reports than several cities will be without a newspaper as soon as 2010.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch the movie “Comes a Horseman,” which was filmed in the Wet Mountain Valley and starred James Caan, Jane Fonda, Jason Robards and, my favorite, Richard Farnsworth. My renewed interest in photography, especially what I call “livestock scenics,” have brought into focus the dramatic changes that have occured in this area since the movie was filmed in 1978. The film simply could not be made now due to the number of houses, roads and other development features such as radio towers, power lines, signs, etc. Recently I took a photo with my digital camera using the LCD screen. I thought I had a great scenic until I got it home to the computer and found there was a huge trophy home spoiling the scene.

Phil Maffetone has expanded his article “Wheat: The Shaft of LIfe.” In this piece he explains the many health problems associated with eating wheat products (including things like bread, bagels, and other things made with wheat flour). These include increased body fat production, decreased mineral absorption, possible links to depression, osteoporosis and chronic diseases. Check it out by becoming a member at

2 thoughts on “Brookwood Gallery Winter Show

  1. Hal,

    Life in the new west means never looking back at what once was, but only looking forward.

    I says this because I have a tendency to do just that, looking back fondly. Perhaps that’s why I have been hanging out in Leadville all these years and participate with you in pack burro racing, an obscure and odd sport.

    I’ve watched Comes a Horseman several times and never realized where it was filmed. I’ll have to watch it again with a sharp eye on the scenery, but I remember the scenery was great!

    As far as print media is concerned, this is no surprise to me and I remember having a discussion with you several years ago and saying I thought print media was a goner. The printed word model is still viable, but has been mismanaged for decades and like many mature businesses is so ossified in nature that change has become impossible.

    A sure sign the new west has arrived is by the presence of art galleries in small towns like Westcliffe. You may be living in the new Santa Fe.

  2. Hal,

    I used to take photography seriously (actually taught film developing to 9th and 10th graders when I was a high school senior) but now only have time to appreciate the work of others.

    But I’ve found the same thing: go to the middle of Butt, Nebraska, and try to take a picture of a sunrise, a rolling hill, or what have you, and you’ll find power lines and mile markers in the way. Or worse… the ubiquitous grocery store or big box department store plastic bag stuck to a tree or fence, waving in a sort of surrender to progress.

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