Lightning in a bottle, part 2

The Buena Vista Gold Rush Pack-Burro Race turned out to be pretty exciting. I called Tom Sobal, who I believe has won more burro races than anybody in the sport, and offered that he could run my backup burro Spike in the last race of the year. I knew Bobby Lewis and his burro Wellstone would be rested since they didn’t run Leadville, and I thought we might as well make a rootin’-tootin’ contest out of this thing. The three of us traded places all over the 12-mile course course. When we came down the trail from the Midland Railroad Grade, Tom was ahead, then Bobby, then myself. Tom took a pretty bad fall, but got up and stayed ahead until we got to the bridge over the Arkansas River. Then Bobby passed him. Laredo came over the bridge and broke into a lope. We caught up to Tom and Spike right about as they were passing Bobby again. Laredo hooked up with Spike and we were off to the races. We were coming down the street three abreast for a while, and if I remember right (it’s all a blur), it was mostly at a canter. Laredo and Spike got about a length on Wellstone and it pretty much stayed that way, flat out, all the way down the street (the finish line was up nearer to the highway this year) with Laredo nosing it out by one second at the end. By the way, Tom is 50 this year, I’m 48 and Bobby is 44. The photographer from the Chaffee County Times got a pretty good shot near the finish line. Check it out at: Chaffee County Times

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