Last long training run of summer


Most summers I do a final longish run about 10 days before the Triple Crown pack-burro races begin. It’s no big deal like some of the runs up to 4.5 hours that I’ve done in weeks past. It’s just one last test of over two hours. It allows me to check out my burro, my gear, my own health and fitness. I decided to jog Laredo up Hermit Pass in the Sangre de Cristo Range just to get in a short, but steep and rocky climb. Now 10 days of recovery before Fairplay, July 27, 29 miles; Leadville, Aug. 3, 22 miles; and Buena Vista, Aug. 10, 12 miles. That’s a lot of racing miles in three consecutive weekends. I always feel a sense of relief when this training run is over. There’s nothing to do now but show up. This year I packed a digital camera along and so you get a brief 8-second glimpse of what it’s like. Eight seconds is how long a bull rider rides. Of course a pack-burro race is much longer.

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