How I got my ass painted in Westcliffe

I had the pleasure of getting my ass painted recently at an art workshop sponsored by the Sangres Art Guild and taught by local renowned artist Gerald Merfeld, owner of the Brookwood Gallery in Westcliffe. I was invited to model with my partner Redbo the saddle donkey. The workshop was held at Merfeld’s studio southwest Westcliffe. Ten students of varying experience attended and worked from live models in different media (watercolors, oils and acrylics) for an intense five days, with instruction and demonstrations at times from Merfeld. Redbo and I did two hourlong morning poses, one standing, and one in the saddle. The standing pose was difficult for the painters because Redbo kept trying to eat Gerald’s luscious grass and would not hold still. Meanwhile I got a great biceps workout trying to keep his head up. However, he was great once I put the saddle on for the second pose. It was much easier for me — I got to sit down. But holding the “looking off into the sunset” pose for that timeframe was not as easy as it looks. All in all it was a great time and I got to meet some interesting people, as well as reacquaint with a couple of the artists that I happened to know from other endeavors over the years.

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