Just another evening of ranching

TonyHorses can do some crazy things. I care for 10 horses over at Ross and Jan Wilkins’ Bear Bones Ranch where I am the ranch manager. One recent evening I was bringing them in off the pasture when one horse named Tony forgot about the fence. Luckily it was only smooth wire. He hit it like a runner through a finish-line tape, slammed into the hillside behind the fence with a resounding thud, then bounced back on his feet, shook it off and galloped on up to the barn. I walked over to the point of impact and found about 15 feet of fence destroyed, wires snapped and steel fence posts bent to low angles.

I followed Tony on up the hill, where I found he was bleeding from the mouth, had superficial cuts all over his body, and had literally peeled the skin from below his left knee down the front of the cannon bone in what could be described as a long triangular shape. Obviously my night was just beginning, and I went home to call Dr. Kit Ryff, our veterinarian from Salida, which is about 65 miles away.

Kit was just sitting down to dinner with his wife at the Corkscrew restaurant there when I caught him on his cell phone. I told him that I didn’t think Tony would die if he ate dinner first, but I thought the wound definitely needed stitches as soon as possible. He said he’d call when he was close and I could meet him at the ranch.

So about 10:45 I drove over in the dark and by the light of pickup headlights through the dust Kit surmised that I was right and decided to lay the horse down with drugs in order to sew up the wound. It took a while for the drugs to take effect, but Tony finally went down in the corral. Kit went to work with his curved needle and sewed up one side of the leg. Then we rolled Tony over — he weighs about 1,100 pounds. Kit had just started on the other side of the wound when the drugs started to wear off.

There’s really no describing a half-ton of half-doped, half-crazed horse flopping around in the dust inside a steel corral backlighted by headlights. Several times he came down with his ass bashing the panels, bending one fairly severely. He landed on his water bucket, crushing it and sending a shower in all directions. Then, the worst possible thing happened. Tony flopped over and came down on the corral, somehow managing to hang a hind foot between two of the panels.

So now we had the wounded horse hanging upside down in the headlights with Kit holding his head to keep him from struggling. I tried to push the foot up and out, but there was too much pressure on it. I tried unhinging the panels, but between the bent metal and the weight of the horse bearing down I couldn’t get the pin out.

Kit suggested that I take over the head, and he thought he might be able to get the foot loose. So we swapped places.

The second Kit knocked that foot loose, I felt the sting of rope burning my hand. Tony was up, sort of, stumbling this way and that, and I couldn’t see anything in the headlights. I dropped the rope and ran across the corral. Kit, meanwhile, with his back to the headlights, could see what was going on and rushed in to grab Tony by the lead.

We got the horse calmed down and Kit finished stitching the cut with Tony standing up. He bandaged the wound, gave him an IV pain medication and penicillin, and we were done.

We drove off a little before midnight. Everyone lived.

4 thoughts on “Just another evening of ranching

  1. Hal,
    My old pal Shady O’Grady pointed me in the direction of your blog. Enjoyed the story about Tony. Look forward to more.

  2. Hal,

    I put a note on the section “About Hal.” It’s all Patrick O’Grady’s fault.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be back to read more.

    Jeff in the Petro Metro

  3. lol quite a few of the remarks folks put up make me giggle, quite often i ponder if they in fact read the posts and reports before writing or whether they just simply read over the post title and prepare only the first thought that pops into their brain. regardless, it is enjoyable to read smart commentary once in a while instead of the same exact, outdated oppinion vomit which i normally observe on the web i’m off to take up a couple of rounds of zynga poker goodbye

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